SUP Frequently Asked Questions

Paddle Athabasca

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes. You are required to read the waiver prior to coming and agree to terms as you see them on the site. You will be asked to sign the waiver upon arrival please bring glasses if you need them for reading.

PLEASE do not print the waiver at home and bring it signed I need to see you sign it in person.

What do I need to bring?

  • Paddle Board with leash (required), Paddle, full PFD (no belts), whistle and throw bag (if you have one)

  • Your glasses if you wear them to read waivers

  • Summer: quick-dry or warm-when-wet outdoor athletic gear. Paddle tops, rash guards, breathable hiking layers, merino wool, board shorts ,athletic swimwear.

  • Inclement Weather: Wetsuit or drysuit (optional and weather dependent)

  • Water shoes, sport sandals or other water footwear

  • Sunscreen/bug spray and any personal medication you require

  • Warm clothing for after and a towel

  • Water and a snack

  • Suitable head gear such as hat, toque or sunglasses with band

Do I have to know how to swim?


Paddle boarding is a sport that has you attached to a giant floaty!

Between wearing a PFD and being on your board, we can help you feel comfortable on the water.

You will float!

Will I Get Wet?

In order to learn how to self rescue safely and weather permitting we will be getting in the water.

This is so you can leave confident in any situation you may find yourself in even when you are paddling with a coach.

What if I can't stand up? Do I have to?

Challenge by choice is how we present skills.

If you're not ready there's no need to stand.

Practicing paddle strokes kneeling is an efficient way to master the forward stroke.

How do I know what level I'm at?

Contact me and we can chat about your current experience if you're not sure!


Classes I Offered

Paddle Board Courses Suited To Your Skill Level


SUP Basics Flatwater


Find your feet in this beginners course. 
Participants will learn all the basic stand up paddle boarding and safety skills needed to start successfully paddling on flat water.
No Pre-requisites Required
Rental Boards Available


Advanced Flat Water Skills


Participants will take their flat water paddling skills to the next level and grow their paddling foundation.

Learn advanced strokes and techniques that will build board control in many types of conditions and water.

Basic SUP Skills or Equivalent Required