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Caution: How To Tear Your Knee With The Fridge

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I have reservations about this paddle ahead, my life is not linear or routine.

As much as I hoped this week would be restful, it hasn’t. As I type this right now with my leg up on a pillow in the backseat of the vehicle. I am optimistically healing my knee with rest, ice, NSAIDS and compression.

I wish I had a cool story about how I injured it but Dr. Google and me have conclude that I possibly injured my meniscus of the right knee. Here’s the kicker: I did it opening the fridge and walking to the counter. Actually. Twice. Plant your foot and twist is the easiest way to hurt it which is what happened.

<-- Ya that bump shouldn't stick out the side...

Yes, I make choices to get things done and yesterday I chose to rake hay, climb up and down the tractor numerous times which didn’t help. Ironically, I was the proudest of being able to unhook the baler and hook up the hydraulics on the rake to our tractor; it is from 1967 so it's not easy. I even told my husband 650 km is nothing compared to that lol!

There is so much support already, random fellow paddlers I don’t know joining me on this adventure to paddle with me, my husband who always has my back, my friends for celebrating my birthday early, the amount of donations is mind blowing and come what may this paddle will get done some way, somehow.

And if not, that’s okay too. I picture David Goggins telling me I’m weak for thinking that and I’m giving myself an out. Maybe.

Tenacity is something I don’t lack, the capacity to know when to quit is; so we will all watch it unfold together.

Thank you for all the continued support and reaching out to connect!

Lisa Stocking

CANRVRSUP Instructor

AQ Ambassador

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