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Kula: The Answer To Natures Call!

Ladies, this is for you!

Welcome to the greatest invention for outdoor women, especially those of us on the water. Who wants to pack excess toilet paper with them on their board? Not me!

Kula Cloths are the answer when you need to pee while on the water. Let's be honest even if you think you don't have to go, suddenly you're surrounded by water and you gotta go.

Environmentally friendly, easy to clean and well thought out these cloths come in three custom designs through CANRVRSUP.

Unfortunately, if you're spending many days on the water you'll still need some toilet paper. Remember to practice Leave No Trace etiquette in the back country.

And as always plan smart with the Adventure Smart Program/App!

Use code Fullsend10 until 08/31/2021 for 10% off!

Sending You Love N' SUP,

Lisa Stocking

Advanced Flat Water SUP Instructor

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