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Waivers: Don't Sign Them At Home!!

Paddle Canada hosted the most interesting webinar about waivers, granted I initially braced myself for a boring monotonous info session. It was one of the most important sessions I've attended that translates to something we do in life all the time as instructors: administering waivers!

CLIENTS! Save yourself the time and energy of being efficient by printing out your waiver at home, filling it out and having someone else witness it. I will not accept it.

I'm not being picky here's the reality I learned about. You signing it at home, printing it and having someone else witness mean it could have been anyone else but you sign it and agree to the terms of the waiver.

Legally this can lead to big problems if an incident should occur. I have nothing to support my claim you signed a waiver as I never saw you do it. A waiver is a legal contract between the two of us that you are releasing my company and myself from being held liable if anything happens.

It doesn't protect me from being negligent as I am to provide you with a safe experience within my scope of practice with due diligence.

When you arrive, get settled and come over to start class a waiver will be presented to you. You can quietly fill it out without interruptions, I will ask if you've read and understood it. Then I will witness after that. This way we are all aware of the contract we just engaged in.

Remember bring reading glasses if you need them.

Lastly, yes, I have you agree to the waiver you are about to sign online before registering. Again, this is to ensure you are aware of what you will be asked to sign upon arrival and you cannot feel pressured to sign something you didn't have time to review prior.

All of these small gestures can help both of us out, waivers are the most overlooked portion of the class by participants and instructors. The problem created with this is if or when the time comes they are THE most important part of your session!

Happy Paddling!

Sending You Love N' SUP

Lisa Stocking

AQ Ambassador


Paddle Canada Advanced Flat Water Instructor

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